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TMC Practices Management Services offers the latest Web portal technologies that help physician groups better manage internal processes while offering patients more control over their own healthcare. Portal technologies give physicians new capabilities to drive revenue, communicate with patients, and create a competitive edge – all online.

  • Back Office Solutions
  • Front Office Solutions
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Simple, convenient back office solutions to help your practice thrive. TMC offers smart Web portal technologies dedicated to streamlining vital processes, such as collecting and processing payments, handling billing inquires, managing late or default payment issues, and providing multiple avenues for patients to pay at the time of service or when they receive statements.

Online Bill Pay and Budget Payment Plans

The Online Bill Pay solution enables practices to accept patient payments online via credit card, safely and securely. Payments are deposited daily into your online merchant account. If you don't have a merchant account, we can help you set one up.

  • Improves revenue cycle management
  • Reduces statement delivery costs and collections calls
  • Reduces patient accounts sent to collections and bad debt write-offs
  • Decreases staff time spent on patient billing questions
  • Offers convenient, easy bill pay choices to patients

Virtual Card Swiper

The Virtual Card Swiper replaces any current monthly fees for your merchant terminal and offers patients the convenience of paying their bill with an ATM/debit card or credit card. Practices can also add additional merchant capability to satellite offices, a billing office, or a remote check-out desk.

  • Eliminates leased credit card terminals
  • Eliminates dedicated phone lines for credit card processing
  • Transforms any Internet-enabled PC into a billing terminal

Ask a Biller

A valuable tool for online communication that is initiated by the patient. Ask a Biller gives your patients the ability to send secure, unstructured questions about their bill to the appropriate people in your office. Staff can then respond to those questions at a convenient time for them.

  • Increases on-time patient payments
  • Decreases staff time spent on patient billing questions
  • Improves patient service and satisfaction

Robust patient and practice portal applications that enable patients to interact securely with their healthcare provider at virtually any time – day or night. As a physician, you can schedule your responses at a time that's convenient for you.


Save valuable time collecting simple data about your new patients online. Pre-registration portal technology enables a practice to:

  • Increase accuracy of patient registration information
  • Enhance workflow within your office
  • Obtain patient information securely at any time
  • Check eligibility of healthcare insurance information prior to patient visits

Health Forms

Customize your registration and health history forms with convenience buttons that expedite the process, including drop-downs, check-boxes, and free text fields. Forms can be linked so that patients never have to fill in the same information twice.

  • Provide a convenient way for patients to submit their history and condition information
  • Streamline the visit with patient information available at the click of a mouse
  • Create and manage forms specific to your practice's and patient's needs

Appointment Requests

Give your patients the convenience of scheduling their next appointment online, with no more on-hold time. Your office staff can now efficiently handle patient appointment requests at a time that is convenient to them.

  • Reduce on-hold time and free up resources
  • Provide patients with a convenient, secure way to schedule appointments
  • Increase patient satisfaction with a more user-friendly process

Patient Messaging

The Patient Messaging application is a Web-based, practice-initiated message delivery system that enables delivery of appointment reminders, lab results and past-due notices.

  • Reduce print and postage costs with online communication
  • Replace phone calls and voicemail "tag" with secure messages delivered online to a patient's portal account
  • Minimize patient no-shows and increase on-time bill payment


Now patients can check in for their appointment and pay their co-pay or bill without taking up front-desk time. The Check-In application can be accessed by patients via a kiosk, laptop, or dedicated PC in our office waiting room. No more standing in line to announce their arrival or pay their bill.

  • Streamline office workflow
  • Reduce data entry errors and liability
  • Encourage patient portal use to drive ultimate results

Secure Patient Messaging Application

A Web-based, automated practice-initiated message delivery system that connects you with your patients. This application allows a practice to deliver virtually any message to patients – from health maintenance reminders and lab results to appointment reminders and past-due notices.

  • Virtually eliminates mail expenses associated with notices and reminders
  • Reduces on-hold times and phone tag
  • Provides patients with a secure, convenient way to receive important healthcare information

Prescription Renewal Application

Now doctors can offer their patients the ability to securely request prescription renewals or refills online.

  • Reduces time spent on the phone or in call-backs with patients and pharmacies
  • Rapid response time increases patient satisfaction
  • Automatically captures and documents the request and follow-through

Ask a Doctor Application

Ask a Doctor/Nurse/Clinician is an unstructured online consultation Web portal initiated by the patient. Patients can select their physician and submit a message along with any relevant file attachments. Your practice can then log-in to the Secure Practice Portal™ to view the patient's communication and respond securely. A credit card interface authorizes patient credit cards prior to the submission. You determine whether to charge for the consultation when you respond.

  • Increases revenue by charging for online communications in place of free phone calls
  • Improves documentation. Online communication is documented whereas phone calls may or may not be
  • Provides an easy mechanism to connect patients with clinicians

Virtual Office Visit Application

Virtual Office Suite provides structured, interactive, online patient consultations for minor and non-emergent care. Patients specify the reason for their virtual visit then answer a series of interactive questions related to their symptom. Physicians log-in to the Secure Practice Portal™ to view their patients' virtual visits at a convenient time and place. Most providers can typically process more than 15 online consults per hour.

  • Offers a new capability to generate revenue by consulting with more patients on your schedule
  • Captures and documents online consultations
  • Generates a competitive advantage over other physician practices

System Assessment Application

This tool allows physicians to gather both History of Present Illness and Review of Symptoms information online, generating greater efficiencies, improved accuracy, and expedited patient office visit times. From the convenience and privacy of their home, patients fill out a Symptom Assessment questionnaire based on a database of more than 6,000 conditions and 53,000 questions.

  • Enables patients to enter HPI and ROS directly into the portal, improving physician productivity
  • Enables patients to enter HPI and ROS directly into the portal, improving physician productivity
  • Improves the accuracy of information and reduces transcription errors

Referral Management Application

This portal application simplifies the physician-to-physician referral process by allowing you to send and receive physician referrals electronically, track the referral status, and receive consult reports in a timely manner.

  • Reduces referral process time
  • Manages the referral with status reports and findings
  • Builds valuable referral relationships between practices

Personal Health Record

The Personal Health Record portal allows patients to take more control over their healthcare by enabling them to view, update, correct, and share their medical information online. As patients become more informed about their healthcare, physicians spend less time on the phone answering questions.

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