TMC = Your Resource for EMR Information, Technology and Action

At no other time have physician practices faced greater uncertainty and confusion than the transition to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Fact is all physician practices are required to make this transition before 2016 to avoid Medicare penalties. But to qualify for the maximum financial incentives, your practice should begin the conversion process now before it is too late.

The good news is TMC Practice Management Services will work with you to answer questions, dispel the myths, and help your practice transition painless and affordably in less time than prevailing assumptions.

It's June
How likely are you to be ready for the 2012 EMR incentives? You'll be ready when you talk to TMC. As a medical billing client, you'll be armed with Oklahoma's strongest resource for EMR information and technology.
Up to 6
The amount of time you may spend researching vendors, getting buy-in, putting a committee together, seeing demos, and making an EMR selection. Not when you talk to us. TMC will help you navigate the complexities of EMR – from consultation to implementation – in only two months.
Up to 5
The amount of time you'll likely wait before your go-live actually happens. Improve your workflow, order hardware, standardize processes while you wait. Not with GE Centricity. We'll have you live and operational in less than 4 months. What's more, you can rest easy knowing your GE EMR system is a customized, certified solutions, allowing you to take full advantage of government reimbursement.
6 and 12 Months
This is how long it will realistically take you to "meaningfully" use your EMR. In many cases, it will take longer. You'll need to be ePrescribing, documenting electronically (discrete data), and have the ability to report on items TDB. That's ok. You're way ahead of the game with TMC and GE Centricity. TMC has the knowledge and experience to get your practice up to speed, financially and technologically. We offer the latest tools and systems, like Mobility, ePrescribing, and Web portal applications to make your practice thrive.

As a client, your practice will already enjoy the outstanding features and benefits of TMC's medical billing services, including connectivity to GE Centricity® Practice Solution. With GE Centricity EMR, you and your office will work faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever while delivering a higher level of patient care. Centricity EMR is one of the most widely used, certified EMR systems and used by thousands of physicians across the nation.

Let TMC Practice Management Services become your go-to resource for EMR information, technology and action. Our team will work with you from installation to implementation and training to ensure you achieve the "meaningful use" designation that qualifies your practice for maximum reimbursement.

For more information, contact TMC Practice Management Services or call us at 918.728.8405 to schedule a personal demo.