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The Heart of the Matter: A Busy Cardiology Practice Regains its Pulse

After practicing in a cardiology group for several years, Dr. Michael Carney elected to begin an individual practice. He set up an office and hired staff, and soon the practice was moving forward. For all practical purposes, Cardiology of Oklahoma should have enjoyed a healthy revenue base. Reimbursements, however, steadily declined.

When Dr. Carney was informed about practice's declining revenues, his accountant told him about TMC Practice Management Services, which performed a practice review and audit of Cardiology of Oklahoma. "TMC discovered that claims weren't being filed, charges weren't being made, and collections weren't being worked," Dr. Carney recalls. "They remodeled the practice and the cash flow increased dramatically."

As a medical billing client, Dr. Carney has also recognized the benefits and advantages of GE Centricity® and Mobility technology. "Centricity has truly streamlined our office and decreased our paperwork," he says.

For One Gastroenterology Practice, Robust Revenues are a Sweet Change

For Debbie Langley, executive director of a busy gastroenterology practice, business has never been better. "It's safe to say we're bursting at the seams," she says.

These days, Oklahoma Gastroenterology Associates is also reaping the rewards of a successful practice – something that wasn't happening just a few short years ago. "When I came to work here in 2004, we had only one person who knew billing and coding," Debbie recalls. "Our chief physician has a good understanding of finance and business operations but didn't believe he was getting good reports. To top that off, our computer software wasn't providing the kind of information he wanted in terms of productivity."

After conferring with peers, Debbie was referred to TMC for a comprehensive practice management review. "The end report from TMC was that our practice was still in the dark ages when it came to claims and collections," she says. "A lot of money was either lost or written off."

TMC Practice Management Services introduced Oklahoma Gastro to i